About Us

Who We Are

We started off as dedicated employees of in this industry and became the top names in the top companies of the tent industry. But we wanted to do things our own way where it’s not just about gross profits of the seller but both us and the buyer. So we set off on a journey to start our own company Pak Tentage & Textile Industries.

Established in 2006 we quickly carved out a clientele because of our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. We were then focused on tents and tarpaulins but we realized that our competitors lagged so much because they couldn’t match the quality of our fabrics. That’s when we started to export fabric rolls too and we became manufacturers for the manufacturers.

But we didn’t stop there we’re constantly pushing ourselves to do all that we can the best way it can be done so we decided to peruse other items that can be manufactured with canvas fabrics. And now by the Grace of the Almighty we also manufacture top quality tote, school, laptop and military bags.

Why Choose Us?

Quality Assurance

Pak Tentage & Textiles products are known for their quality. We maintains strict quality control and we does’nt compromise at the quality of our products. To maintain international standards and to ensure customer satisfaction, our quality control staff conduct pre-inspection of goods at different stages.

Competitive Prices

Pak Tentage & Textile Industries ensure the most competitive prices for the product best quality. Our competitors find it many difficulties to keep up with our prices without seriously compromising on the quality of our final product.

Client Confidence

Pak Tentage & Textile Industries Believes that business relationships are just as important as profits and quality. Coupled with our dedication to quality and pricing, our reliability ensures our clients confidence with us.


We employ the top quality professionals in the industry. We know what it takes to become the best and we know how to spot quality. So, for youngsters starting off that have that spark we offer mentorship under the best people in the market. We recognize that today we build you tomorrow you’ll carry this company forward. Whenever we have an opening you’ll see our requirement and a link on this page to upload your resume.